Lady Gaga gets banned in China for Meeting Dalai Lama

Lady Gaga gets banned in China for Meeting Dalai Lama How would you feel if you found a friend and lost a billion or so others? That is exactly what happened to Lady Gaga when she met the 91 year old Buddhist Leader on the outskirts of the United States Conference for Mayors being held in Indianapolis. The outspoken singer interviewed the Tibet Leader and posted the 20 minute interview online on her Facebook page.>>>

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7 Ways To Fix A Broken Relationship

7 WAYS TO FIX A BROKEN RELATIONSHIP Sometimes relationships are not always smooth; someone once said “as long as we are not sisters and brothers, misunderstandings will always occur.”  Most of the times, we have sacrificed a lot and given much to a relationship that when it hits the rocks, we are afraid it may never work out. Well, it’s not time yet. Try the following ways and you might be surprised that you have>>>

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Five Popular Celebs Who Found God

Five Popular Celebs Who Found God The list we are about to share you with will take you in for a surprise. At first, you might not believe your eyes, but you dig deeper into these five celebrities life, you will understand that behind the revealing clothes, soothing voices, and glamour shots is a celebrity who has found God. The reason you do not have much awareness about their strong connection with God because to>>>

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