More Than One Truth

More Than One Truth An elderly man was sitting in his garden when his two grandsons came to sit with him. Their faces showed that they were both obviously angry about something. The old man could not help but ask, “What is the matter, children? Have you two been fighting over something?” His grandson explained, “Grandpa, we were playing outside on the street when I saw a large six that someone had drawn on the ground with chalk. I told my brother but he does not believe me! He keeps saying it’s a nine!” The other grandson cut his brother off and said, “Grandpa, my brother probably does not know how to count because it is CLEARLY a nine! He misread the number and then when I tried to correct him, he called me a liar! ” “YOU are the one who cannot read because it’s really a six!” cried>>>

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Life Is Not a Competition

Life Is Not a Competition Can you name the happiest man on earth? What do you think he owns? You probably think about the luxuries in life. He may be a billionaire with a huge mansion and a fleet of cars. Or you think about a celebrity who is almost as rich and oh-so-famous! Then as kids, we believed that we’d be happy when we came first in class or won a race or got praised in front of everyone. It was all about being the ‘best’ and owning the fanciest, flashiest ‘stuff’. It seems that we have been ingrained with a competitive mindset. Darwin speaks of the ‘survival of the fittest’, doesn’t he? It is our natural instinct to cutthroats and then move forward. This is probably why we have play life like a game. This was the scenario when I entered the halls of my alma mater. The>>>

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5 Myths About Dreams

5 MYTHS ABOUT DREAMS A second, just so you know that the dream in question is not the one that we aspire or wish to do in future time or when we grow up but rather the imaginary visions we experience at night when we sleep. There’s a heated debate on whether myths bring about dreams or vice versa. I think both have several similarities and huge differences thus none is responsible for another. To demystify the myths surrounding dreams requires therefore, that we take dreams as event-generated random impulses in the brain. Just like that. The events could be what we were doing or saying during the day. Some of the myths associated with dreams are: That If You Die In Your Dreams, You Will Die In Real Life. If at some point in life you have ever dreamt about dying and you are reading this, then it’s a>>>

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