15 WEIRD things that ONLY exist in JAPAN


Japan is an amazing country, but it’s a very different place from the West! Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual things that you’ll only find in Japan. Several segments are licensed under creative commons https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode Check out these amazing channels for more animal videos: The Top>>>

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The Pastry Chef Adding to Japan’s 400+ Flavors of Kit Kat


Kit Kat is big in Japan. From cheesecake to wasabi to purple sweet potato, the crispy wafer bar is available in more than 400 varieties, according to Yuji Takeuchi, marketing manager for Nestlé Japan. And it’s up to Yasumasa Takagi to keep the fresh flavors coming. The classically-trained pastry chef>>>

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15 Strange Things You Will Only See in Japan


Japan is an incredible place. It belongs to the continent of Asia and has over 6,800 islands. But perhaps the more interesting fact is that it’s an industrialized and innovative nation. Some of the most advanced technology comes from this small island nation, along with a few kooky products. From>>>

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A Sumo Hairdresser, an American Sumo, and Other Sumo Stories


Sumo wrestling isn’t limited to Japan. The country’s national sport has gone worldwide in a big way. Which is why we’re traveling from Japan to California to Mongolia to examine the culture and traditions that make sumo so fascinating. Along the way, the sport’s top hairdresser, Kato Akira, schools us>>>

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Why This Japanese Farmer Plays Music for His Konnyaku Potatoes


Kunihiko Ishii grows konnyaku potatoes on his farm in Showa-Mura, Japan. Konnyaku potatoes are not really potatoes. They are roots. Still, everyone calls them potatoes because they look like potatoes. They are the key ingredient in konnyaku, a firm, tasteless jelly that’s used in lots of Japanese dishes. But konnyaku>>>

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How a Japanese Dancer Made a Place for Herself in Flamenco


Kayoko Nataka discovered flamenco dancing when she was a teenager in Japan. It became her passion, and she wanted to make a career out of it. But there were naysayers who didn’t think a Japanese dancer would be accepted in a dance world traditionally populated by Spanish performers. So what>>>

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Did “Divine Intervention” Sink 100,000 Mongol Warriors?


In 1281, Japan seemed poised to fall, outnumbered by the mighty fleet of Kublai Khan. Then, according to legend, the Japanese Emperor prayed for salvation–and got it in the form of a devastating typhoon. From the Series: Combat Ships: Doomed Vessels Original Author: Produced by Smithsonian Channel and published on 06/07/2020

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Popular comedian Ken Shimura first Japanese celebrity to die from COVID-19 | The Japan Times


Ken Shimura, a veteran slapstick comic and one-time member of rock ‘n’ roll band as well as funny group The Drifters, a house name in Japan in the 1970s and also 1980s, has actually died of pneumonia triggered by the unique coronavirus, his firm said Monday. He was 70. Shimura>>>

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