The Wall of Kindness

The Wall of Kindness Walls have always been built to divide and segregate people but did you know that there is a wall that can bring people together as well? Well, the wall of kindness not only brings people together but also helps those in need! The idea behind the wall of kindness is simple and the two-liner motto describes it perfectly, “take if you need” and “leave if you don’t!” You simply leave clothing articles that you do not need for those who require them. It is simply a clean wall in a public place to which hooks are attached. People who wish to donate clothing items can leave them hanging there so anyone can take them. The idea of the wall of kindness was originated in Iran to help the homeless people of Mashhad in surviving the cold winter weather. With the sanctions imposed by the western world>>>

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5 Lesser Known Stories of Inspirational Leaders

Learn about the inspirational stories of highly successful people around the world. Read more here!

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Fictional Men We Wish Well Were Real

  Fictional Men We Wish Well Were Real A lot of us have been reading since a very young age. There is something magical about reading because it takes you to its own world, where you become a part of the protagonist’s life. However, there are instances when we wish that the fictional characters we read so much about were real. Here is a list of the most popular fictional characters that people wish were real. Harry Potter It is very hard to find people who began reading at a very young age and did not like Harry Potter. Everyone loves Harry potter. Who would miss a chance to meet ‘the boy who lived’? J.K. Rowling took us into Harry’s world and we were a part of his journey, be it in Hogwarts or his war against Lord Voldemort. Imagine how great it would have been if Hogwarts was real>>>

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How to Free Yourself from Resentment and Forgive Others

How to Free Yourself from Resentment and Forgive Others Being betrayed, lied to, and cheated disturbs the peace of our mind and makes us question our own self-worth. The emotional response of anger and hurting back is only natural. As time passes by, these emotions, if not dealt properly, take the shape of resentment. It could be a grudge that you hold on to, for too long, for the bad things that have happened. Or a bitterness which can only be released through the act of forgiveness. But is it really easy to forgive? To look into the eye of the person who has caused all the hurt and unhappiness to you, and utter the three words “I forgive you”? The person who you might have loved once? How can you let go of the memory of that betrayal? As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive as forgiveness>>>

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5 Myths About Dreams

5 MYTHS ABOUT DREAMS A second, just so you know that the dream in question is not the one that we aspire or wish to do in future time or when we grow up but rather the imaginary visions we experience at night when we sleep. There’s a heated debate on whether myths bring about dreams or vice versa. I think both have several similarities and huge differences thus none is responsible for another. To demystify the myths surrounding dreams requires therefore, that we take dreams as event-generated random impulses in the brain. Just like that. The events could be what we were doing or saying during the day. Some of the myths associated with dreams are: That If You Die In Your Dreams, You Will Die In Real Life. If at some point in life you have ever dreamt about dying and you are reading this, then it’s a>>>

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10 Diseases Stress Can Cause

10 DISEASES STRESS CAN CAUSE Stress is a negative reaction by our bodies to continuous unfavorable condition without relaxation. When people are stressed they tend to be disturbed emotionally and sometimes mentally. They might resort to ugly behavior such as drinking and smoking to ward off the stress. This usually fails because these substances retain stress and can cause more problems. Below are some of the diseases that can result from stress. Beware of them by seeking solution to your stressing factor. Headaches It is normally triggered by thinking hard for a long time. It doesn’t just cause tension headaches but migraines as well. Diabetes Getting stressed up only worsens your diabetes.  It encourages unhealthy eating and drinking but also a spontaneous rise of sugar levels which can result in death. Obesity People with high stress level tend to store their fats in their bellies posing high risk to them.>>>

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