Age is Just a Number

A male lion is sitting on the rock, watching his land.

  Age is Just a Number Remember the thrill of rock climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping and many more adventures of the sort? If you are looming near your 50s, these are the things that you probably miss the most. You experience the best memories of your life at the>>>

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Believing is Achieving

white flower growing on crack street, soft focus

Believing is Achieving The power of belief is an amazing thing that has led people to achieve some of the most remarkable feats to go down in history. The first step towards achieving your lifelong dreams is to believe that you can! Once you believe in yourself, you will find>>>

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Hidden Treasure – The Aesop’s Fable about a Farmer and His Sons

little kid boy having fun with tractor chalks picture

Hidden Treasure – The Aesop’s Fable about a Farmer and His Sons A wise farmer was on his deathbed. He wished to be sure that his sons would do well after he was not there to counsel them. Being the wise old man he was he knew that his sons>>>

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5 Reasons Why Actions Speak Louder than Words


5 Reasons Why Actions Speak Louder than Words “Jesus Christ said ‘by their fruits ye shall know them,’ not by their disclaimers.” ~William S. Burroughs And this pretty much says it all. You can say all that you want but until and unless you are willing to take the dive>>>

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How To Cope With Discouragement

The Rejected One

How To Cope With Discouragement The earlier we admit the fact that discouragement is part of life the faster we are able to cope with it. If we want to be sincere enough virtually everybody from teenage years have at one time or the other experienced this. A lot things>>>

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7 Types Of ‘Friends’ To Avoid

Beautiful woman offering hand with an ax behind her back

7 TYPES OF ‘FRIENDS’ TO AVOID An English dictionary defines a friend as an associate who can be trusted with one’s affection and can provide assistance though he/she may be vaguely acquainted to you. As much as this definition might hold for many of your friends, 1/3 of them are>>>

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5 Must Have Phone Applications

Smartphone apps icons

5 MUST HAVE PHONE APPLICATIONS A smart phone is never smart without smart applications. One among other qualities people look for when deciding which phone to buy is its ability to have several applications in terms of its memory and RAM. With more than 3 billion apps in the market,>>>

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9 Amazing Facts About Your Body That You Did Not Know

Human Anatomy - Male Muscles

9 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT YOUR BODY THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW The human body is a prodigious, clammy, fluid-filled machine, always mixing chemicals with high level of accuracy and coordination, producing everything from memories to mucus. Here, we can have a look of how multifaceted, beautiful or just plain mysteries>>>

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