Top 10 Questions to Prepare for before a Job Interview

Top 10 Questions to Prepare for before a Job Interview Do you remember the day when you went on a blind date and failed miserably because you weren’t prepared? This can be thousand times worse if you go for an interview unprepared. You have to impress your potential boss and, acing the interview is the best way to leave a mark. Following is the list of questions to consider while preparing to champion your interview.>>>

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10 Crimes You Must Never Commit In An Interview

10 CRIMES YOU MUST NEVER COMMIT IN AN INTERVIEW Everyone takes years to sharpen their skills in their area of specialization. We spent plenty of time writing and re-writing our CV and now when it comes to attending an interview, cautions must be taken not to do anything wrong since it will cost you the job. Anything impressive must be done but still with limits lest you overdo it. Never answer a call No one>>>

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Dos And Don’ts When In For An Interview

DOS AND DON’TS WHEN IN FOR AN INTERVIEW Whether new in the job seeking industry or senior in it, mentioning the word interview causes ripples and butterflies in the stomach sometimes, a running stomach for the weak. The reason for this is because it is the most integral and determinant part of whether your response will be ‘welcome aboard’ or ‘it was great having you, we have your CV in our databases and will contact>>>

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