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The Impact Of The Law Of Attraction In Your Life

The Impact Of The Law Of Attraction In Your Life Simply put, the law of attraction states that we will attract the things that we think about most, whether they are good or bad. There is a lot of power in our thinking and what we choose to focus on. Here are a few ways in which the law of attraction can impact your life: The Good And Bad Experiences Will Be Attracted To You>>>

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7 Types Of ‘Friends’ To Avoid

7 TYPES OF ‘FRIENDS’ TO AVOID An English dictionary defines a friend as an associate who can be trusted with one’s affection and can provide assistance though he/she may be vaguely acquainted to you. As much as this definition might hold for many of your friends, 1/3 of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing, research shows. One must be careful of them or their lives might end up as hell. Run through the list below>>>

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