The Perfect Rescue Dog Fueled Happy Hour


Sometimes, the best way to occupy your frisky pup is with a good "Yappy Hour". These are gatherings where owners and their dogs can mingle and have fun while their pets are at play. Cathy Kittell, founder of Mid Atlantic Bulldog Rescue, has found that Yappy Hours are also a>>>

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The Tiger Beetle is Incredibly Fast for its Size


The tiger beetle is one of the fastest of its species, reaching speeds of up to 5.5 miles an hour – that’s 120 times the length of its body, each second. From the Series: Macro Worlds: God’s Darlings: Beetles Original Author: Produced by Smithsonian Channel and published on 18/04/2020

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Coronavirus: Iceland store opening hour early especially so elderly can get food – Mirror Online


A branch of Iceland has set aside special opening hours for its elderly customers to help them out during the coronavirus outbreak. The store in West Belfast announced this morning that starting from March 17 they will open every Tuesday from 8-9am for elderly customers only. In a statement Iceland>>>

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EARTH HOUR Make the ‘switch’ to a more sustainable lifestyle   Earth Hour is held yearly in over 20 countries and over 250 cities around the world who are part of the global countdown to lights out. Numerous cities and towns in Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Bolivia, Korea, New>>>

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Amateur Hour

  TIME FOR AMATEUR HOUR The worst mistake I made in my first business is that we were profitable. Unprofitable internet companies were valued on the dream. Profitable companies were valued by profits. Another mistake I made was I never returned calls. And another mistake was not firing clients fast>>>

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