How Marvel Actually Makes Movies Years Before Filming | Movies Insider


We talked to Hollywood’s busiest visualization studio, The Third Floor, to find out why visualization is the secret MVP of Marvel movies. The Third Floor is one of the world’s top visualization studios and has worked on 19 of the 23 installments in Marvel’s "Infinity Saga." From previs and stuntvis>>>

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Brangelina: Here’s what really went wrong between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Brangelina went from Hollywood’s hottest couple to a messy divorce. Here’s how it all went down. GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS AND LIFESTYLE VIDEOS: Original Author: Produced by and published on 13/11/2020

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Top 20 Ridiculous Shia LaBeouf Moments


One of Hollywood’s most bizarre actors indeed. For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest, most bizarre, and eyebrow-raising events featuring or about actor Shia LaBeouf. Our countdown includes Just Do It, I Am Not Famous Anymore, Shia as Spicoli, and more! What’s YOUR favorite Shia LaBeouf moment? Let>>>

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The Most Striking Finding from Brittany Murphy’s Autopsy | The Curious Life and Death of…


Question marks have always loomed large around the death of one of Hollywood’s brightest young talents: Brittany Murphy. The first step in finding answers was to recreate her autopsy… From the Series: The Curious Life and Death Of Brittany Murphy Subscribe to The Smithsonian Channel: Twitter: Instagram:>>>

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Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 16 Kissing Scenes | Good & Bad Acting


New York City acting coach Marishka S. Phillips critiques Hollywood’s best and worst kisses, unpacking what went right and wrong in the actors’ performances. Reviewing some of the most famous — and infamous — kiss scenes, Phillips explains why certain kisses hit a romantic nerve while others make you want>>>

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Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 13 Rage Scenes | Good & Bad Acting


Acting coach Keira Duffy critiques 13 of Hollywood’s most famous — and infamous — rage fits. She reviews anger scenes ranging from great to mediocre to downright terrible, breaking down what went right and wrong in the actors’ performances. Some of movies’ most memorable scenes feature actors getting mad —>>>

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Makeup & Friends: The Lightning Round with Dakota Fanning—Season 1, Ep 4 | Westman Atelier


What would Dakota Fanning be doing if she wasn’t one of Hollywood’s most prolific young actors? The answer will surprise you. In today’s Lightning Round, the ethereal Hollywood beauty shares all—from her weakness for an over-the-top skin cream to the most fun she’s ever had on a film set (hello,>>>

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