Fascinating TOMBSTONE quotes

Fascinating TOMBSTONE quotes Sir John Strange; Here lies an honest lawyer, And that is Strange. — Tombstone in England I was somebody. Who, is no business Of yours. — Vermont As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, So this old world is made brighter by the lives Of folks like you. — Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde) Here lies Lester Moore; Four slugs from a .44; No Les No>>>

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The “I Can’t” Funeral

The “I Can’t” Funeral Donna’s fourth-grade classroom looked like many others I had seen in the past. Students sat in five rows of six desks. The teacher’s desk was in the front and faced the students. The bulletin board featured student work. In most respects it appeared to be a typically traditional elementary classroom. Yet, something seemed different that day I entered it for the first time. There seemed to be an undercurrent of excitement.>>>

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