Devotion and Productivity Go Hand-In-Hand

Devotion and Productivity Go Hand-In-Hand Once upon a time, an old man was walking down a beach when he noticed a little boy throwing something in the sea. He walked up to the boy and inquired, “My dear son, what are you doing here so early in the morning?” without stopping to look at the old man, the boy replied, “Hello sir, I am throwing these jellyfish back in the sea. A bunch of them washed up on the shore last night, they will surely die if the sun comes up and they are not in the water so, I am trying to put them all back in the sea.” The old man smiled at the folly of the little boy. He looked at the number of jellyfish and reasoned, “But this is absurd, there are hundreds of jellyfish here, you possibly cannot throw all of them in water before>>>

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9 Amazing Facts About Your Body That You Did Not Know

9 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT YOUR BODY THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW The human body is a prodigious, clammy, fluid-filled machine, always mixing chemicals with high level of accuracy and coordination, producing everything from memories to mucus. Here, we can have a look of how multifaceted, beautiful or just plain mysteries of what your body can do. Acid that can dissolve metals Our stomachs can produce gut, a hydrochloric acid that can liquefy metals and barb steel. It cannot wear out our stomachs because it has mucous lining that is preventing it from being corroded. The impossibility of tickling yourself It is never possible to tickle yourself because the brain controls each and every part of your body organs thus can predict what you are going to do with it and prepare for the reactive response. For those who have very sensitive skin or body which someone called “high current”, a>>>

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