Shoot For the Moon – Even If You Fall You Will Land among the Stars

Shoot For the Moon – Even If You Fall You Will Land among the Stars Once upon a time, a poor man lived by a forest with his family. He was so poor he could barely provide for his wife and children. One day they had nothing eat. Out of desperation, he decided to go hunting. He knew he had a poor aim and the forest was full of snakes but that did not stop>>>

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Spread Happiness, Get Happiness

Spread Happiness, Get Happiness Once, there was a man who wanted to know the secret to becoming the happiest man on earth. He treated this quest of his like a treasure-hunt and searched the whole world for answers that could satisfy him. However, he never found an answer. Do you know why he could never bring an end to his quest? Perhaps, the story of a little doggie might lend us some perspective. Once upon>>>

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10 Quick Tips about inspiration (Video)

10 Quick Tips about inspiration (Video)    There is no one without a brain to think properly. We are all created and endowed with some measures of intelligence and ability and no matter how weak you may think you are, you are better than many people and you can be better if you take yourself more seriously and work harder at your dreams. You are what you call yourself, therefore start saying positive things>>>

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