Devotion and Productivity Go Hand-In-Hand

Devotion and Productivity Go Hand-In-Hand Once upon a time, an old man was walking down a beach when he noticed a little boy throwing something in the sea. He walked up to the boy and inquired, “My dear son, what are you doing here so early in the morning?” without stopping to look at the old man, the boy replied, “Hello sir, I am throwing these jellyfish back in the sea. A bunch of them washed up on the shore last night, they will surely die if the sun comes up and they are not in the water so, I am trying to put them all back in the sea.” The old man smiled at the folly of the little boy. He looked at the number of jellyfish and reasoned, “But this is absurd, there are hundreds of jellyfish here, you possibly cannot throw all of them in water before>>>

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5 Must Have Phone Applications

5 MUST HAVE PHONE APPLICATIONS A smart phone is never smart without smart applications. One among other qualities people look for when deciding which phone to buy is its ability to have several applications in terms of its memory and RAM. With more than 3 billion apps in the market, it is quite challenging to choose ones that you really need. Google maps app With this app in your phone, you will never get lost anywhere in the world. It uses GPS to map where you are and where you want to go then trace it for you both by road and by air. In case you are stuck in a traffic jam for example, you can always consult the map for alternative routes. Dictionary app This is any app that can allow you to search anything up. It could be a language dictionary e.g. English dictionary, French dictionary etc.>>>

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