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Why You Should Stretch The Minute You Get Out Of Bed

Why You Should Stretch The Minute You Get Out Of Bed The minute you wake up every morning, the first instinct that you get is to stretch your body while still in bed. We do this because it helps us in feeling great and assists in waking up properly. Stretching helps in increasing range of motion and flexibility in the joints and the muscles. It also helps in relieving tension and improving blood circulation. It>>>

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Ruby’s $10 Challenge

Ruby’s $10 Challenge I’m ten years old and I want to help an Indian orphanage get a bigger school. Hi my name is Ruby and I am 10 years old and I am excited to help out my friend John with raising money for a school in India with my Ruby’s $10 Challenge. He is helping some really great kids in an orphanage there get a bigger school and I want to help them out.>>>

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