It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Life

It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Life Once upon a time, a man was wandering in a clear, grey forest. He seemed to be lost, searching for something. However, before he could find what he had been looking for, he came across a tiger. The tiger chased the man to the edge of the cliff and the man tipped over. Luckily, he grabbed a vine half way down the fall. He was momentarily safe. Although, when he looked up at the cliff, he didn’t quite feel that way. The tiger stood, bare tooth and gnawing away at the edge in the hopes of catching the man waiting to devour his own hunger. The man gulped down and decided to find a way to get himself out of this predicament by looking for a way further down. Perhaps, he could make his way back to home from somewhere on the>>>

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Believing is Achieving

Believing is Achieving The power of belief is an amazing thing that has led people to achieve some of the most remarkable feats to go down in history. The first step towards achieving your lifelong dreams is to believe that you can! Once you believe in yourself, you will find the determination and motivation to work tirelessly toward your goals. Anton Chekhov summed up the power of belief in a single line when he said that, “Man is what he believes.” The key to success is as simple as believing in yourself and working hard to realize your goals. Let’s have a look at some inspiring stories of people who took this advice to heart, dreamed big and did not give up! The Wright Brothers The airplane is one of the most revolutionary inventions in the history of mankind but do you know about the struggles of the two brothers>>>

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There is Always a Reason

There is Always a Reason Once upon a time, in a magnificent far away land, there lived a King. He was loving and kind. He had led his kingdom through some of the most difficult times with his bravery and his wisdom. While he could be given the sole credit for his strength, the same could not be said for his wisdom. The King depended upon a wise old man who had played the role of his advisor as soon as he had clambered the throne of Kingship. Under the advice of the old man, the King had dealt with many conflicts and set-backs in his reign with ease. Although, the wise old man had always had a point in everything he said, there was a particular remark that always caught the King by surprise. Whenever anything bad happened, the old man would say, “Everything happens for a reason!” He>>>

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