The Ultimate $15,000 Gaming Chair


Designed for the world’s richest gamers, here’s the most expensive gaming chairs in the world! Facebook: Reddit: Twitter: Instagram: For copyright matters relating to this channel, please contact me directly at : The $14,000 Predator Thronos Gaming Chair The Most Expensive Gaming Chair In The>>>

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79% of League of Legends gamers say they were harassed after a match ended, according to a community survey


League of Legends’ reputation for making people lose their cool throughout a video game is well recorded, but a surprising 79 percent of the 3,784 participants to a recent neighborhood study stated that harassment continued after the match was over. Getting cussed out, being sent out good friend demands repeatedly,>>>

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The Best GAMER…. Get Gamed

Game console controller

   FUN Stuff… The Best GAMER…. Get Gamed  posted 24/7  Great content about Gaming posts, linking to 100s of sources around the world,  this is a one-stop shop for Gaming content and website links.   Category: The Best GAMER…. Get Gamed, RGB Magazines

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