The Breakout


Design and Animation: Mantas Gr Sound Design: The Chicken Cast: Mantas Gr and The Chicken Tags: 2d, plug, frame by frame, animation, line art, rubix, after effects, outline, cinema4d, toonboom, harmony, crash, computer, breakout, design, mantasgr, cel, illustration, cel animation and character Original Author: Published by VimeoBest on 15/04/2020 Source Category:>>>

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Freeze Frame Nerf Battle | Dude Perfect


We put a GIANT FOAM PIT in the office! Time for Freeze Frame Battle round 2! Special thanks to Nerf for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to get your Nerf Ultra 2 Blaster: ► Thanks for subscribing! – Music by City Wolf, "Hands Up" Click HERE to listen:>>>

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