The Wolf & the Kid

The Wolf & the Kid There was once a young kid whose growing horns made him think he was big enough to look after himself. One evening, while he was lazily grazing in the pastures with his herd, his mother called him out to tell him that the flock was leaving since it was getting dark. In his arrogance, the young goat did not pay heed to his mother and continued to nibble on the tender grass. A little while later, he lifted his head up to see that the herd was gone. He was all alone in the pasture! The sky has grown dark and the chilly evening wind has started to blow. The kid shivered as he thought of all the stories his mother had told him about the deadly wolves that roamed these pastures at night! He started to run in the direction that his flock had>>>

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What A Perfect Landing Page Should Be Like

What A Perfect Landing Page Should Be Like There is a lot of competition out there and companies need to focus on crafting an absolutely brilliant landing page to crush that competition. You need a landing page that converts well, and here are a few pointers to do exactly that: Focus In Developing An Amazing Headline Your headline will be the main focus point of your landing page since everything begins from there. You would want your headline to gather attention, interest, as well as understanding from your audience. It should also be information and reveal what the product or service is all about upon just one look. Additionally, your headline should be short. You Should Add A Persuasive Sub Headline If your headline has managed to make your consumer look towards your page, then your sub headline will decide whether they want to stay on your page or not.>>>

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Why You Need to Stop Complaining about Life and Start being Thankful?

Why You Need to Stop Complaining about Life and Start being Thankful? People need to be thankful each time they get up in the morning, as there are people who do not even get to see tomorrow. Life is unexpected and you never know when the grim reaper will come knocking at your door. Instead of waiting for the knock, learn to live your life to the fullest, thanking the Almighty for all He has bestowed upon you. When you do feel like complaining about a pimple, a runny rose, and the concert you could not go to, read the following points to stop complaining: Over 121 million do not receive a proper education. Over 15 million children are orphaned because their parents die of HIV/AIDS. Over 4 million children die each year because they do not have access to clean, safe drinking water and live in an unsanitary environment.>>>

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Why You Should Focus on Improving Body Language

Why You Should Focus on Improving Body Language Through body language, people convey a lot about themselves. In fact, it has become the basis for befriending someone to hiring someone for a job. Body language is one of the first things that people see and it’s through body language that people are able to deduce a person’s personality. Just from the way, you stand and walk, people from afar can tell what type of person you might be. Therefore, you have the pressure to create a good impression by impressing people with your body language. You can start by correcting a few main things about body language:   Command Your Hands to Stop While talking to someone, don’t twirl your hair, clutch your bag, or fiddle with anything close to you. People who can’t control their hands come off as unconfident, shy, and nervous. Moreover, for the person sitting across>>>

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