The Spy Planes Of Operation Desert Storm | Reconnaissance And Intelligence Aircraft | Spark


Today’s aerial spies have science fiction capabilities. Reconnaissance and Intelligence Aircraft uses unreleased film to take you on deployment with the pick of today’s aircraft and equipment. Featured are battlefield reconnaissance jet fighters and attack-aircraft and Airborne Early Warning and Control (AWACS) machines. Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science,>>>

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Top 10 Creepiest Real Life Monster Stories


Stranger than fiction indeed! For this list, we’ll be looking at creatures or unidentified beings that have been reportedly cited. Our countdown includes Kentucky Goblins, Dog Boy, Zombies, and more! What real-life monster story do you like to tell around a campfire? Share in the comments! Watch more great monster>>>

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Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX Breakdown – Ad Astra


Ad astra is a science fiction adventure film that not only boasts big name movie stars but also big name VFX houses. MPC, Method Studios, Mr X, Weta Digital, Industrial Light and Magic to mention just a few, all collaborated together to make this journey through space seem more science,>>>

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1963’s ‘The Outer Limits’ Was Canceled Too Soon


The Outer Limits was one of the most influential science fiction television series of the 20th century. It”s influence on culture is still being felt today and if you go back and watch the series, you will see exactly why. It was a marvel of screenwriting, cinematography, and special effects.>>>

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The Real Reason ‘Kung Fu’ was Cancelled


Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction when Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta are sitting at the diner and Jackson explains his life dream? He Said that he wants to just walk the earth like Caine’s character in Kung Fu – to walk from place to place, meeting different people>>>

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12 Facts About Lost in Space that Are Out of This World


The science fiction television series Lost in Space first aired in 1965, and it ran for a total of three seasons and 83 episodes before its eventual end in 1968. The show was both created and produced by Irwin Allen, who had a passion for science fiction. The year before>>>

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Top 10 Creepiest Documentaries


The creepiest documentaries are stranger than fiction. For this, we’re looking at documentaries tackling unsettling subject matter in disturbing ways. Our countdown includes "Jesus Camp," "The Act of Killing," "The Family I Had," and more! Which documentary creeped YOU out? Let us know in the comments!” Watch more great documentary>>>

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Winner: “Coming Out” by Hannah Jenkins | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest | Engen Books


After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the February 2020 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Hannah Jenkins with the story, Coming Out! Hannah Jenkins is a new writer currently residing in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, where she is completing a Bachelor of Arts>>>

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Grading Tom Brady’s move to the Bucs – The facts, fiction and fit for the GOAT in Tampa

12:20 AM ET Bill BarnwellESPN Staff Writer Close Bill Barnwell is a staff writer for Follow on Twitter Bill BarnwellESPN Staff Writer Close Bill Barnwell is a staff writer for Follow on Twitter For two decades, Bill Belichick has put the New England Patriots ahead of any single>>>

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Fictional Men We Wish Well Were Real

A business man with a lamp head for an idea

  Fictional Men We Wish Well Were Real A lot of us have been reading since a very young age. There is something magical about reading because it takes you to its own world, where you become a part of the protagonist’s life. However, there are instances when we wish>>>

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