15 Most Beautiful Birds on Planet Earth


Birds are a spectacular animal, both fascinating and often beautiful, they add color and song to our skies, backyards, parks and reserves right throughout the globe. But there are some that simply have the edge above others. From the stunning pea fowl with the metallic blue head, to one of>>>

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15 Most Amazing Animal Encounters In The World


We all know that animals can be fascinating creatures. We have them in our homes, visit them at the zoo, and, if we are lucky, catch the occasional sneak peek in the wild. Most are glorious creatures that easily captivate our attention, and none more so than when they are>>>

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Rarely Seen Historical Photos


History is fascinating, to say the least! If you take a look back in time you’ll find all sorts of heart-tugging stories, exciting adventures, epic battles, swooning romances, and head-scratching oddities. Come along on a little journey with us while we shake the dust off of some truly amazing photographs>>>

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The Fascinating World of Deep Mountain Lakes


This is a nature documentary, which leads us into the fascinating world of deep mountain lakes. We conquer ice palaces of unsuspected beauty. In the freezers, in which elves, fairies and mountain trolls once did their mischief, we move, using a special breathing technique and with special cameras in search>>>

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Malacca: The Foodie Capital of Malaysia | John Torodes Malaysian Adventure | TRACKS


John Torode embarks on a flavour quest around Malaysia to discover fascinating places and their delicious regional foods. John travels to the coastal city of Malacca – a place once ruled by the colonial powers of Portugal, Netherlands, England and China. Now that they are rightfully gone, what influences have>>>

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The Flavours of Malaysia: Pineapple Curry | John Torode’s Malaysian Adventure | TRACKS


John Torode embraces on a flavour quest around Malaysia to discover fascinating places and their delicious regional foods. This time he ventures on the Penang island, where he experiences the street food George Town has to offer, and learns how to make Malaysian pineapple curry from a local cookery school>>>

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15 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist


There is nothing quite so fascinating as size when it comes to an animal, or even a human for that matter. Small or big, short, or tall, it’s almost the first feature that people comment on when they meet either person or pet. Perhaps it’s because it’s the most obvious.>>>

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Pakistani Musicians Play a Fascinating Variation of Dave Brubeck’s Jazz Standard, “Take 5″|Open Culture


Exactly how’s this for blend? Right here we have The Sachal Studios Band, based in Lahore, Pakistan, playing an ingenious cover of “Take 5,” the jazz requirement composed by Paul Desmond and also carried out by The Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1959. Prior to he died in 2012, Brubeck called>>>

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