Hyundai’s Wicked Fun Super Bowl Ad Characteristics Famous Bostoners


That word mix led creatives to set the advertisement in Boston and riff on the city’s distinct accent, leaning completely into an ad entitled “Smaht Pahk.” Starring Boston-area natives John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans– all of whom slide back into their home town accent with glee– it’s 60>>>

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9 Motivational Quotes From Famous Women Entrepreneurs


Talk about #womenwhohustle. At The Story Exchange, inspirational women entrepreneurs are our business and our passion. But we have a special place in our hearts for the business owners featured below, who on top of being successful founders are also some of the most respected athletes, political figureheads, musicians and>>>

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48 famous celebrity Leeds United from across the world – some might surprise you – Leeds Live


There’s no doubting that Leeds United are one of the most famous football clubs in the country. With lots of trophies to their name and hailing from a one-club city Leeds United’s fanbase is absolutely massive. We’ve taken a look at some of the Elland Road team’s most famous supporters>>>

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Facts about Famous Movies that will Blow Your Mind

Cinema Festival Poster

A lot of things happen behind the cameras during the shooting of the movie. Here are some interesting facts about your favorite movie that will shock you.

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Moral Lessons the Cartoon Tom and Jerry Teach Us

Robot Cat

Moral Lessons the Cartoon Tom and Jerry Teach Us Tom and Jerry, the fights, the chases, and the friendship neither one was willing to admit. Our two favorite childhood characters amused us in each and every episode, made us laugh, and carved a special spot for themselves in our childhood>>>

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