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7 Types Of ‘Friends’ To Avoid

7 TYPES OF ‘FRIENDS’ TO AVOID An English dictionary defines a friend as an associate who can be trusted with one’s affection and can provide assistance though he/she may be vaguely acquainted to you. As much as this definition might hold for many of your friends, 1/3 of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing, research shows. One must be careful of them or their lives might end up as hell. Run through the list below>>>

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Five Popular Celebs Who Found God

Five Popular Celebs Who Found God The list we are about to share you with will take you in for a surprise. At first, you might not believe your eyes, but you dig deeper into these five celebrities life, you will understand that behind the revealing clothes, soothing voices, and glamour shots is a celebrity who has found God. The reason you do not have much awareness about their strong connection with God because to>>>

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