More Than One Truth

More Than One Truth An elderly man was sitting in his garden when his two grandsons came to sit with him. Their faces showed that they were both obviously angry about something. The old man could not help but ask, “What is the matter, children? Have you two been fighting over something?” His grandson explained, “Grandpa, we were playing outside on the street when I saw a large six that someone had drawn on the ground with chalk. I told my brother but he does not believe me! He keeps saying it’s a nine!” The other grandson cut his brother off and said, “Grandpa, my brother probably does not know how to count because it is CLEARLY a nine! He misread the number and then when I tried to correct him, he called me a liar! ” “YOU are the one who cannot read because it’s really a six!” cried>>>

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7 Ways To Beat Your Addiction

7 WAYS TO BEAT YOUR ADDICTION Addiction is the slavery of a certain habit such that when one try’s to cease from it, trauma results. It can be a practice that endangers your life yet you cannot stop because you are used to it. Most addictions are caused by caffeine, drugs or habits like pornography. Since addiction can never benefit you in anyway, it is good to stop it, after all, addiction have more disadvantages than advantages. Everything in excess is poison or so the adage goes. So how do you conquer addiction?  Below are some ways to get rid of it. ACCEPT THE PROBLEM This would be the first step to a thousand miles. Accepting that you have addiction problem will trigger you to stop it because every time, your conscience will remind you that you are doing something wrong. If you have not yet accepted the problem, then>>>

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