The Most Valuable Thing on Earth

The Most Valuable Thing on Earth Your life comprises of many things that matter to you! Sometimes, you fail to differentiate which of the things hold more value and which ones are the least important. When we think about classifying things in our lives in this manner, we often tend to get selfish. We give priority to things that provide us material benefits. A professor understood this dilemma of the human mind and he decided to use an experiment to show why it was important to identify the most valuable thing in life. Do you want to know what the professor did? Keep reading to find out! The professor brought an empty mayonnaise jar in the class. He threw in a few large rocks into the jar first of all. “Is the jar full?” asked the professor. “Yes,” the class replied unanimously. He opened the jar again and threw in>>>

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Something is Better than Nothing

Something is Better than Nothing There once lived a fisherman. The sole source of survival for this poor man was his fish. Not only did he sell the fish in the market to meet his expenses, he also ate it to get by. One day, the fisherman reached the shore with high hopes of catching enough fish to feed him that day and for selling. However, to his dismay, he was only able to catch a little fry. The fisherman looked at the little fish disappointedly. He had only been able to catch one small fish when he needed to have more to sell. This little creature would not even be able to fulfill his hunger let alone make him any money. Nevertheless, he opened his basket to put the fish inside it. Just when he was about to throw it inside the basket, he heard a little whimper from>>>

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