Debra Lawrance Will Put A Spell On You With Her Scottish Accent As Professor McGonagall |The Project


If you’re a Harry Potter magic-tragic, you’ve no doubt been busting your wand to return to Hogwarts! Well now Hogwarts is coming to Melbourne, and Aussie actor Debra Lawrance, who plays Professor McGonagall, is ready to put a spell on you with her Scottish accent. Subscribe: Harry Potter and>>>

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RIP Larry King: Meet All 7 of His Ex-Wives


Larry King is without a doubt one of the most recognizable and memorable talk show hosts alive today. He was born into a humble family, with absolutely no connection to the world of fame and fortune. Throughout his life, however, he would rise up amidst painful losses and difficult challenges,>>>

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What Happened Behind the Scenes of Diff’Rent Strokes


If you owned a TV between the years of 1978 and 1986, you no doubt noticed that NBC’s Different Strokes was something of a cultural phenomenon back in those days The series lead star, Gary Colemen portrayed Arnold, a precocious and lovable orphan boy who millionaire Mr. Drummond, played by>>>

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This Is Why The Mythbusters Cast Hate Each Other


Without a doubt, MythBusters was one of the most entertaining science shows on television. The show premiered in 2003 and registered a 14-season-long successful run. Hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, alongside their second team of MythBusters, tested the veracity of scientific various myths and legends. From YouTube videos to>>>

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Cracker Barrel is Hiding These Criminal Activities


If you’ve ever taken a road trip anywhere in America, you’ve no doubt seen a Cracker Barrel restaurant at an exit somewhere with its iconic faux country home appearance with a front porch full of rocking chairs -for sale of course – to finish up the rustic old fashioned look>>>

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Luka Dončić’s BEST plays of the season! 🏀 | NBA 2019/20


►SUBSCRIBE: There’s no doubt Luka Doncic is one of the brightest talents in the NBA. Impressing his second season in the league, the Dallas Maverick’s young point guard has racked up some serious best plays this season. Original Author: Produced by Sky Sports and published on 17/04/2020

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Self-Isolation Messages of Hope | The Project


There’s no doubt about it, self-isolation is rough for our nation’s older generation. But, here’s a way to show you’re thinking of them. And it’s adorable. Watch full episodes of The Project on 10 Play Original Author: Produced by The Project and published on 08/04/2020

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Fighting Your Demons: The Story of Doubt and Delay

German sports fan patriot. Painted country flag on angry man face. Devil Eyes close up

Fighting Your Demons: The Story of Doubt and Delay Do you know what stops you from achieving your dreams? Millions of negative thoughts start sprouting up in our head as soon as we think about starting something new. The fear of failure paralyzes us to the extent that we never move>>>

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