Catching and Grilling the Monkeyface Eel — Deep Dive


On this episode of ‘Deep Dive,’ chef Jacob Harth shows us how he catches the elusive monkeyface eel right off the coast of Oregon. He then filets, grills, and glazes it, right on the beach. Credits: Host: Jacob Harth Producers: Truen Pence, McGraw Wolfman Director: Truen Pence Camera: Truen Pence,>>>

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Week 7 Recap: Kyler outduels Russ; Steelers stifle Henry | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 201 FULL)


Chris and Paul hit all the Week 7 games, including dive deeps on Seahawks-Cardinals & Steelers-Titans. #NBCSports #ChrisSimms #NFL (2:45) Deep Dive #1: Cardinals def. Seahawks – How did Arizona shut down DK Metcalf? What happened on Russell Wilson’s INTs? (25:00) Why Seattle’s defense doesn’t match up well with Kyler>>>

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How Chef Jacob Harth Harvests and Cooks Wild Seaweed — Deep Dive


On this episode of ‘Deep Dive,’ Portland chef Jacob Harth takes us through the different types of seaweed that grows off the Oregon coast. He then harvests and dries them, and makes a seaweed broth. Credits: Host: Jacob Harth Producers: Truen Pence, McGraw Wolfman Director: Truen Pence Camera: Truen Pence,>>>

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15 Friendliest Sea Creatures Around the World


The sea is full of interesting creatures, and most are relatively harmless. But when we dive into the deep dark depths, we often only think about the scary ones, like the sharks, octopus, and jelly fish. There are plenty of others worth mentioning, but today we are talking about the>>>

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NFL Week 5 recap: The Chiefs lose, the Browns’ hot start & the Steelers remain undefeated | Get Up


Rex Ryan, Dan Orlovsky and Ryan Clark dive into NFL Week 5 matchups, including the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, (2:16) the Cleveland Browns’ 4-1 start thanks to a win against the Indianapolis Colts and (5:04) what the Steelers’ win against the Philadelphia Eagles means for>>>

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Belichick slows Mahomes (again), Kyler Murray’s struggles | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 193 FULL)


Chris and Paulie B pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen before they dive into the film of Week 4 with another What The F&^# Happened? #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #NFL (3:30): What The F^*! Happened? Chiefs def. Patriots: How did Bill Belichick slow Patrick Mahomes (again)? (21:45): Was Brian Hoyer as bad>>>

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Diving With Dolphins – Joy | Mindful Escapes | BBC Earth


Take a deep dive with dolphins for 3 minutes of pure bliss, with this extract from Mindful Escapes. Subscribe: Watch more: Planet Earth Blue Planet Planet Earth II Planet Dinosaur A tonic for today’s busy world, this series expertly combines exquisite, often unseen footage, natural>>>

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Superhero Origins: Marvel’s Kamala Khan


Let’s dive deep into this awesome character’s history! For this video, we’ll be looking at the humble beginnings of one of Marvel’s most important Superheroes. Our video examines Kamala Khan’s history within the Marvel comics universe, as well as where she’s headed in the future! What do YOU find interesting>>>

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Paint Your Bike for Under $50 | Bike Builds with Aaron Colton


► Watch Aaron Colton Rebuild A Classic Honda CT70: ► Dive into Aaron’s build sheet for the CT70: Check out a bonus tip to help you paint your motorcycle on a budget from freestyle stunt bike rider and Bike Build extraordinaire Aaron Colton’s Garage 93, shared during his>>>

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Top 20 Most Overhyped Games of All Time


Head over to MojoPlays for a deep dive on one of the most disappointing games of all time, Duke Nukem Forever! Always think twice before preordering a game that’s super hyped! For this list, we’ll be looking at games that showed enormous potential leading up to their releases, but>>>

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