Veg 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver


Everyones trying to get more veggies into their diet, whether it’s for health reasons, helping out the environment or simply because they are delicious! We’ve put together a bunch of recipes that will take you veggie game to the next level! Guaranteed to impress your friends and family. Thanks for>>>

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Liam Hemsworth Needed Surgical Treatment that Forced Him to ‘Totally Reconsider’ His Vegan Diet regimen

The year 2020 is not going the way many people had actually planned. As Well As in Liam Hemsworth’s situation, he’s still recovering from a difficult 2019 that consisted of surgical procedure for a painful kidney stone as well as a divorce from Miley Cyrus The experience led him to>>>

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I eat only strangers’ leftover food – and it’s the best diet I’ve ever had


My NHS dietician says that January is a dangerous month for diabetics such as me. The shops are full of Christmas leftovers: those high-calorie, nutrient-light foodstuffs, now for sale at massive discounts – confectionery collections, deep-filled mince pies, presentation tins of chocolate biscuits. You exert all that willpower over the>>>

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