Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 10 Crying Scenes | Good & Bad Acting


Acting coach Jonna Johnson reacts to 10 iconic crying scenes from movies, reviewing the highs and lows of the actors’ performances. Every movie star has their own cry face, from Daniel Kaluuya’s thick tears in the sunken-place scene from "Get Out" to Tobey Maguire’s signature "ugly cry" from the "Spider-Man">>>

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Disney vs. Pixar | Rotten Tomatoes


We’re not crying, YOU are! Our latest edition of ‘Vs.’ is sure to bring you to tears – and maybe have you singing a song or two – as the two biggest titans of animation and heartstring-pulling face off for ultimate cartoon supremacy. Will it be Disney that gets to>>>

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Rescuer Shares Her Lasagna With Crying Little Puppy | The Dodo


This puppy was thrown out of a moving car in Bali. She wouldn’t stop crying until this woman shared her lasagna ❤️ Keep up with Ellie on Instagram: To help Mission Paws’ible rescue more dogs like Ellie, visit: and check them out on Instagram: Introducing Dodo swag!>>>

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Rescued Animals Melt Into This Woman’s Arms When She Sings To Them | The Dodo Faith = Restored


Rescued bull couldn’t stop crying — until this woman sang to him 🧡 For updates on Hanuman and all the other rescues at Santuário Vale da Rainha, check them out on Instagram: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?: Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us>>>

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Tiny Baby Deer Asks People to Rescue Her | The Dodo Wild Hearts


A tiny baby deer walked right up to people, crying for help. When it became clear that she lost her mom, they brought her to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Ontario. Watch her grow up and run back to the wild with her best friend! Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a volunteer-based>>>

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Nursing home workers ‘crying in their cars’ | Toronto Sun


Staff in the province’s long-term care homes are feeling overwhelmed as COVID-19 outbreaks spread rapidly, Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) Executive Director Natalie Mehra says The long-term care sector went into the coronavirus pandemic already understaffed, she said. “We’re hearing from staff who are crying in their cars, they’re phoning late>>>

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Little brother composes inspirational notes for sis crying in the restroom and she shares them online.


When their shadow side dissipates, brother or sisters can also be some of the most ride-or-die good friends imaginable. The first one read:”Ani it’s alright, when she will come she will understand that she made you unfortunate and she will say sorry. Siblings simply understand how to make each other>>>

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Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online?

Businessman watch with binoculars

Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online? The digital world has advanced so much that now it is possible to spy on your competitors online. Are you shocked? Well, that’s true. Businesses can take advantage of this huge opportunity of getting hold of their competitors’>>>

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11 Lessons The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Happiness

Box of Krusty O's

11 Lessons The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Happiness The Simpsons, the longest running sitcom on television, has twenty-six seasons under its belt. Each year, new generations of children become fans of the popular cartoon show. Homer’s rants, Bart’s antics, Lisa’s goody-two-shoes behavior, Marge’s sensibility, and Maggie’s cuteness make people>>>

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10 Secrets about Listening You Can Learn From TV

Television broadcast multimedia abstract composition

10 Secrets about Listening You Can Learn From TV With the recent development in technology and much other advancement, a lot of people have been carried away with the tide of “busyness” that they have little or no time for friends and family members. No matter how busy we may>>>

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