Life Is Not a Competition

Life Is Not a Competition Can you name the happiest man on earth? What do you think he owns? You probably think about the luxuries in life. He may be a billionaire with a huge mansion and a fleet of cars. Or you think about a celebrity who is almost as rich and oh-so-famous! Then as kids, we believed that we’d be happy when we came first in class or won a race or got praised in front of everyone. It was all about being the ‘best’ and owning the fanciest, flashiest ‘stuff’. It seems that we have been ingrained with a competitive mindset. Darwin speaks of the ‘survival of the fittest’, doesn’t he? It is our natural instinct to cutthroats and then move forward. This is probably why we have play life like a game. This was the scenario when I entered the halls of my alma mater. The>>>

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Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online?

Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online? The digital world has advanced so much that now it is possible to spy on your competitors online. Are you shocked? Well, that’s true. Businesses can take advantage of this huge opportunity of getting hold of their competitors’ online marketing data to improve theirs. Businesses no longer have to make risky marketing decisions, which have made it easier for them to achieve success in the digital world. Let’s find out more about it. Monitoring Social Mentions Social mentions play an important role in determining the popularity of a company. Businesses can now make use of tools like Google Alerts and SocialMention to look at the things that people are saying about their competitors. These tools will help you look at blogs, articles, and posts having a particular term or brand name that you want to spy. This information>>>

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Moral Lessons the Cartoon Tom and Jerry Teach Us

Moral Lessons the Cartoon Tom and Jerry Teach Us Tom and Jerry, the fights, the chases, and the friendship neither one was willing to admit. Our two favorite childhood characters amused us in each and every episode, made us laugh, and carved a special spot for themselves in our childhood memories. Even today, children watch Tom and Jerry with the same enthusiasm as we did when we were their age. We bet that as adults you still find yourself watching Tom and Jerry with kids or without them. For some reason, Tom and Jerry is a cartoon whose lifespan has surpassed decades. No matter what new cartoon comes along, it will never take the place of Tom and Jerry. For the simple fact, the cartoon teaches us moral lessons. What type of moral lessons is what we are going to take a look at: 1.     Never Give Up When Tom>>>

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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need People

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need People No one is created as an Island. We are made to interact with people around us at home with family members, at work with colleagues and at school with classmates.  The people we interact with on daily basis have great impact on our lives as parts of our behaviours are formed by relating with them. They have the power to pull us up when we are falling and they can be great backbone in attaining and achieving great success in life. The following are the compelling reasons you need people. They serve as your ladder to success. The people you relate with on daily basis should not be ignored as they can be the ladder through which you can climb to attain those desired success. They comfort you. How many people have been comforted by pets? No matter how fond you are of>>>

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