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Dr. Strange? How the Movie Hero Is Different from the Comics

Dr. Strange? How the Movie Hero Is Different from the Comics Doctor Strange is a superhero that needs no introduction. Still if you need one, here is a brief one: Created by Steve Ditko, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is a brilliant but extremely egotistical neurosurgeon who meets a car accident and ends up losing his ability to perform surgeries ever again. Devastated, he travels across the seven seas, to look for a way to fix his hands and get his surgical abilities back. This is how he meets an old Sorcerer who is referred to as the Ancient One. Being his student, Doctor Strange masters mystical as well as martial arts. Described as the “Mightiest Magician in the Cosmos”, the Doctor has an avid fan base. From cartoon series to movies, Doctor Strange has made many debuts. And 2016 will not be the first time a Doctor Strange movie is>>>

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A Comic Book Starring a Transgender Hero Ready for Launch

A Comic Book Starring a Transgender Hero Ready for Launch Diversity is a key element in most things, and the world of comic books is no exception to this rule. AfterShock Comics are introducing the first ever comic series, “Alters” which has a transgender protagonist. The comic itself does not hit the stands till later this year (September 7th, 2016) but it has already started making a lot of waves and for all the good reasons. The series is written by Paul Jenkins who will be seen writing about different characters having weird, but cool, special abilities; physical, chemical and mental! The first issue of the series, however, is going to be all about Chalice. These characters are a never been seen before kind of mutant species who are called ‘alterations.’ Chalice, our protagonist starts of as a young man who begins his transition from male to female. The series>>>

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