The wolf got caught in a trap. But look who came to the animal’s rescue


Nature is amazing and clearly genius. So should people get involved in the natural processes that occur in nature? The greatest natural damage to the population of wild reindeers comes from predators, namely from wolves. There are many wolves in the area where this incident happened. It was the huge>>>

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Week 7 Picks: Battle of the 5-0s + Jimmy G back in NE | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 200 FULL)


Florio is clearly honored to be a part of Episode 200(!) of the pod. He and Simms hit all the Week 7 games. (1:40) TNF: Giants vs Eagles (4:00) Lions vs Falcons (7:30) Browns vs Bengals (10:40) Packers vs Texans (13:50) Panthers vs Saints (16:50) Bills vs Jets (18:20) Steelers>>>

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