Meet Thy Maker- 5 Times Comic Book Characters Came Face To Face With Their Makers

Meet Thy Maker- 5 Times Comic Book Characters Came Face To Face With Their Makers As unbelievable as it may sound but known book characters, famous comic superheroes and all the fictional heroes have just been a fragment of their maker’s imagination. No matter how big they grew in popularity or how large their fan following became; all of them were created by few people at their most creative. However, unlike book characters and classical heroes, comic characters had the experience of going through many hands and as a result they travelled far from their original maker and became something else entirely. To say that this topic is touchy for the most loyal comic fans is to say the least. We couldn’t help but imagine what the real makers would have to say if they meet their creations and see what they have become now?  We also like to imagine>>>

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Cartoon Characters that Know How to Lead

Cartoon Characters that Know How to Lead Cartoons used to glue you to the seat for hours, that is, until your parents got a hold of you. They sent you to your room, complaining that you watched too many cartoons. Ah…those were the days some of you wish you could have back. When cartoons such as Rugrats, SpongeBob, Hey Arnold, and many others were your favorite pastime after school. You enjoyed seeing them take on challenges, solve problems, work together towards a solution, and accept each other as they are. Out of the several characters in a cartoon show, one stood out as the character that possessed leadership qualities. Here are five cartoon characters who taught us how to lead: 1.     Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats Tommy, full name Thomas Malcolm Pickles, was the baby in the diaper all the rest of the babies could depend on for support. When>>>

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