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MUST WATCH: This emotional story of a poor grandfather & human values will touch you- https://youtu.be/uyeW9DGEzno Award winning film of Anushka Sen, popular TV actress on family relationships https://youtu.be/U8UICvrAVg8 Bollywood Star Deepti Naval’s beautiful poetic short film “Neend” – https://youtu.be/bnbK5Lgmt8Y Multi-starrer Bollywood short film about a house hunting experience which>>>

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Every sixpack of beer contributes to climate change. Brewers hope algae is the solution


Every sixpack of beer contributes to climate change. Brewers hope algae is the solution In an Australian first, a 400-litre bag of algae has been installed at a Sydney brewery to reduce carbon emissions and produce food, pharmaceuticals and even bio-plastic. Key points: Like all breweries, when Newtown’s Young Henrys>>>

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Some Wisconsin Birds Are Already Moving to Canada Due to Climate Change


That may be altering, according to the newest update of the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, a 20-year neighborhood science effort to study breeding birds in the state, published in the fall. A contrast of the data from the 2 atlases points to significant modifications in Wisconsin’s bird populations over the>>>

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Mother Of Marine Claims Son Told Her Fox News Plays On Every TV On Base, Not Allowed To Change The Channel


After multiple reports emerged recently showing Donald Trump’s popularity among members of the military falling precipitously, it was only a matter of time before we found out that someone would take drastic measures to try and remedy that situation. Usually something like that comes in the form of a directive>>>

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Space Force is official, change is coming to Patrick Air Force Base


Patrick Air Force Base designated a Space Force base Rachael Joy Florida Today Published 12:14 PM EST Dec 23, 2019 The Space Force is now official. President Trump signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act into law Friday establishing the U.S. Space Force as the sixth armed service of the United States>>>

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Why Do You Change the Oil in Cars?


Why Do You Change the Oil in Cars? Have You Ever Wondered? Why do you change the oil in cars? What is friction? How often should you change the oil in cars? Did You Know? When you’re a kid, you spend a lot of time riding around in a vehicle. >>>

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The art of becoming a better person

Woman with new smooth skin

The art of becoming a better person Life is a continuous process of development. We constantly learn and evolve from birth to the day we die. It is inevitable that people grow in life in response to the circumstances they have been through. But, what direction do they grow in>>>

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Common Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Wooden pencil eraser The background paper on

Common Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid The basic idea behind any fundraiser is to process the gathering of voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. That said, fundraising is no walk in the park, and one must adapt to some>>>

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