If You Change One Thing, You Change Everything

If You Change One Thing, You Change Everything Looking back on your life, what would you change if you could? In the classic 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life, the main character, a small-town bank officer played by Jimmy Stewart, is about to commit suicide when an angel shows him how different the lives of people in Bedford Falls would be if he hadn’t been born. The movie is a favourite because it affirms how each of us touches the lives and shapes the future in unexpected and often marvellous ways. More modern films like Back to the Future, Sliding Door, and Frequency are built on a similar premise: If you change the past, you change the future – often in dramatic and unpredictable ways. If you change one thing, you change everything. Given the potential impact of every decision you make, ………..it’s wise to think ahead! Although few things>>>

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