Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity Killed the Cat Cats are curious little creatures! They love to explore things around them. If they find something strange, they won’t rest until they’ve completely discovered what it is. However, curiosity is not a trait that only cats follow. It is a quality that many of us have. In fact, it is one of those abilities that make us open to learning new things in life. Sometimes, this quality can also harm us, or our young ones! Let’s find out how! Once there were two siblings. Sam and Kelly were playing in their front yard. It was just after dusk. Although, it was getting dark soon, they did not feel like returning home yet. After all, what did they have to fear? They were right outside their own house. Nothing could hurt them here! They were just a little above 5 years old. Of course, their world began>>>

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Animals That Are TOO CUTE!

FUN stuff… Animals That Are TOO CUTE! posted 24/7  Great content about  Animal  posts, linking to 100s of sources around the world,  this is a one-stop shop for  Animals That Are TOO CUTE!  content and website links. Tags: Animals That Are TOO CUTE!, CUTE, Butterflies, Cat, Animals, Videos, too

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Real Life Stories about Heroic Disabled Pets

Real Life Stories about Heroic Disabled Pets You have probably seen or heard a story of an owner leaving their pet at an animal shelter because they could no longer care for it because it was disabled. Don’t you think they deserve a happy life as well? Don’t you think they deserve to be surrounded by a family that loves them unconditionally? They do, but they are not as lucky as perfectly healthy pets. When their disability becomes too much for an owner to bear, they send them off to a shelter. Most even get put down because the shelter needs to make space for the other animals. They are not adopted, they do not get a loving home—they get death. To encourage you not to buy from pet shops, but to adopt disabled pets instead, here are real life stories of disabled pets: 1.     Blind Cats and Dogs You>>>

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