Devotion and Productivity Go Hand-In-Hand

Devotion and Productivity Go Hand-In-Hand Once upon a time, an old man was walking down a beach when he noticed a little boy throwing something in the sea. He walked up to the boy and inquired, “My dear son, what are you doing here so early in the morning?” without stopping to look at the old man, the boy replied, “Hello sir, I am throwing these jellyfish back in the sea. A bunch of them washed up on the shore last night, they will surely die if the sun comes up and they are not in the water so, I am trying to put them all back in the sea.” The old man smiled at the folly of the little boy. He looked at the number of jellyfish and reasoned, “But this is absurd, there are hundreds of jellyfish here, you possibly cannot throw all of them in water before>>>

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Benefits of Trying Something New Everyday

Benefits of Trying Something New Everyday Stagnant water loses its worth, and so does a human being. We are made to experience, learn, change, grow and evolve. If you are stuck in a muddle, it is the right to come out of it. It is so sad not to try new things every day when the world is full of wonderful people, places, and experiences. Here you can find a few benefits to motivate your old boring soul to try newer horizons. 1.     Feeds Your Curiosity Curiosity is every human being’s sin. Feed it as much as you can! Learning outcomes would not be bad at all. Believe me! 2.     Allows You Personal Growth Knowledge is a never-ending endeavor. Personal growth goes beyond the boundaries of physical appearance. On the contrary, it turns out to b a primary source of happiness, contentment and satisfaction. Thus, whenever you decide to climb>>>

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