Looney Tunes Has a Hidden Racist Past


Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies are classic cartoon series that brought us beloved characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, and many more. You probably grew up with these characters. Maybe you had a lunch box or a trapper keeper back in your school days featuring these>>>

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Simpsons Predictions That Came True


We all know the classic comedy animated series The Simpsons. The Simpsons is a hilarious cartoon with some pretty questionable morals. From the outrageous drinking to the terrible parenting, many would assume you shouldn’t take The Simpsons too seriously. However, many fans have pointed out eriely similar events that happen>>>

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How Does Animation Work?


An overview of how animation is made with traditional, 2D-rigged, stop-motion, and CG techniques. A cartoon by Tyler Pacana. Music: Hub World – Yotam Perel Produced at Sheridan College [2020]. Cast: Tyler Pacana Tags: animate, cartoons, medium, animation, 2d, 3d, cg, stop motion, maya, toonboom, harmony, flash and dragonframe Category:>>>

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Cartoon Motion Picture ‘The Queen’s Corgi’ Retrieves North American Distribution– Variety


In today’s film updates roundup, “The Queen’s Corgi” discovers a home, the Overlook Film Celebration is held off and also the California Movie Commission readjusts its income tax debt regulations because of the coronavirus. Freestyle Digital Media has acquired Northern United States civil liberties to the cartoon loved ones funny>>>

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Moral Lessons the Cartoon Tom and Jerry Teach Us

Robot Cat

Moral Lessons the Cartoon Tom and Jerry Teach Us Tom and Jerry, the fights, the chases, and the friendship neither one was willing to admit. Our two favorite childhood characters amused us in each and every episode, made us laugh, and carved a special spot for themselves in our childhood>>>

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Cartoon Characters that Know How to Lead

Wooden path trough the lakes

Cartoon Characters that Know How to Lead Cartoons used to glue you to the seat for hours, that is, until your parents got a hold of you. They sent you to your room, complaining that you watched too many cartoons. Ah…those were the days some of you wish you could>>>

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