Weirdest Things Ever Caught On Trail Cams


Trail cameras or camera traps are used by both hunters and simply animal lovers to monitor them in the wild. You can install them almost anywhere. Using built-in motion sensors, the camera fires whenever something moves nearby, but sometimes such devices record much more than their owners expect. Hello there,>>>

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25 LUCKIEST PEOPLE CAUGHT ON CAMERA Here are 25 LUCKIEST PEOPLE CAUGHT ON CAMERA. For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I>>>

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Security Camera Catches Stray Dog On Woman’s Doorstep | The Dodo Foster Diaries


This stray dog kept showing up on Emily’s neighbor’s security camera. Then one day the dog followed Emily home, so she decided to foster him. At first the dog was nervous, but he eventually came out of his shell, and even found the perfect forever home with Emily’s friend! Keep>>>

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA – I Can’t Believe we Filmed This!


On this episode, the Brave Wilderness team has caught on camera an ELUSIVE creature! So, what exactly is this glorious beast?! Watch Coyote and Mario explore the wilds of central Ohio in the adventure of a lifetime to find out! We can’t BELIEVE they filmed this creature! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Visit>>>

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Hidden Camera Catches Cat Bringing Gifts To Her Family | The Dodo Cat Crazy


Woman sets up hidden camera to find out what her cat’s doing with her daughters’ toys For more of Joy and this adorable family, you can check them out on Instagram: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?: Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on>>>

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LA Welcomes a Camera Maker Fleeing Nazis 📷 America in Color | Smithsonian Channel


In 1938, a German-Jewish businessman, Benno Thorsch, traded his camera factory in Dresden for a new life in Detroit and, later, Los Angeles. With the rise of the Third Reich, it was a move that almost certainly saved his family’s life from the Nazis. And as a young boy, Steven>>>

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10 REAL ANGELS CAUGHT ON CAMERA & SPOTTED IN REAL LIFE! If you’re new, Subscribe! → For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Sources: Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you>>>

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If These 15 Unbelievable Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It #2


The modern camera is an amazing invention. Over the years it has captured many memorable moments, some you might be happy to relive, others not so much. Today, they are even more convenient than ever. We can use our smart phone to record the crazy antics of an animal at>>>

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GoPro: HERO9 Black | MAX Lens Mod


Light (mod), camera, action. 🎬 💃 With mods, you have options. Want an immersive, ultra-wide 155° field of view, the best possible stabilization, + 360° horizon-lock? Meet the Max Lens Mod. Want to illuminate your subject? Switch on Light Mod. Want a directional mic + techy connectivity flexibility? Add Media>>>

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Wild Puma Plays like a Kitten | The Dark: Nature’s Nighttime World | BBC Earth


As the lesser-known saying goes – when the camera crew’s away, the pumas will play. Subscribe: #WildPumas #NighttimeNatureDoc #BBCEarth Watch more: Planet Earth Blue Planet Planet Earth II Planet Dinosaur The Dark: Nature’s Nighttime World For humans, darkness is menacing, forbidding, petrifying. It conceals the>>>

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