Audi e-tron GT (2021) Production Line | High-Tech Car Factory

Hi Guys! The new Audi e-tron GT is the brand’s first fully electric car to be built in Germany. The e-tron GT shares it with the R8 at Audi Böllinger Höfe at the Neckarsulm site – this integration of two technically completely different cars is unique in the Volkswagen Group.>>>

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Why Most “Green Products” Aren’t Actually Green | Greenwashing | Spark


Big brands have suddenly become environmentally responsible. Or have they? At any rate, they are proudly showing off their newfound commitment in their ads and packaging. Some have even invented “green labels” to grant them more credibility and sell more products. And yet, the activities of these same virtuous, eco-friendly>>>

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COMING SOON: 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost | carsales


First look at British luxury brand’s all-new ‘entry-level’ limousine Subscribe for the latest advice, reviews and comparison tests 👍 Here is the new-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost in all its glory. Underpinned by an aluminium space-frame chassis that’s shared with the Cullinan SUV and latest Phantom flagship sedan, the all-new Ghost>>>

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NEW 2021 Kia K5 flies through the air – Triple Threat Stunt | New Name of the Kia Optima


To introduce the brand’s most powerful midsize sedan ever, Kia executed a daring “Triple Threat Stunt” performed by professional stunt drivers on a track outside Atlanta. The Triple Threat Stunt featured two turbocharged K5 models sailing through the air in opposite directions as a third K5 model slid into position>>>

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Netflix Shows Are Full of Brands — But Is It Product Placement? | Movies Insider


Netflix says it doesn’t let brands pay for appearances in its shows and movies. So why are Netflix originals littered with branded products and logos? Is Netflix doing product placement or not? You’re not imagining all that brand messaging embedded into episodes of your most-watched Netflix shows. Even though Netflix>>>

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Health specialist brands UK’s coronavirus action ‘pitiful’|World news|The Guardian


A leading public health expert has released a damaging critique of the government’s handling of the coronavirus break out in the UK, stating it is too little also late, lacks transparency and falls short to mobilise the general public. Prof John Ashton, a previous regional supervisor of public wellness for>>>

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Biggest food brands ‘failing goals to banish palm oil deforestation’


  A few of the world’s greatest brands are failing in their commitments to get rid of logging from their supply chains through their usage of palm oil, in spite of making public claims to ecological sustainability, according to 2 reports. Ratings of the world’s biggest customer brand names have>>>

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Debunking myths about selling on Amazon

Customer Loyalty Service Support Care Trust Business Concept

Debunking myths about selling on Amazon No doubt Amazon is the largest player in the E commerce market. Widely regarded as the king of e-commerce, Amazon is expected to reach an annual sales figure of an astonishing $200 billion in two years, with around 175 million monthly active users. There>>>

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