Red Panda Gives Birth To Adorable Cubs | The Zoo


Willow the red panda finally gives birth to two cubs! Caretakers allow her to nurture the cubs until they get old enough to be examined and eventually let free in the exhibit. Stream Full Episodes of The Zoo: Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join us on Facebook: Follow>>>

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15 Most Incredible Births in the Animal World


Humans give birth in two ways – naturally, and with the help of surgeons. But the animal world is far different. How delivery occurs can depend on the species, and some are a little crazier than others! From snakes breaking out of an egg in the womb to an elephant’s>>>

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Bidder’s choice: 1965 Mercedes-Benz fire truck or ’61 passenger bus


Mercedes-Benz is credited for creating the first automobile in 1885, but it also claims the birth of a different type of vehicle: the truck. In 1896, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, the company that merged with Benz & Cie Rheinische Automobil und Motorenfabrik to create Daimler-Benz AG in 1926, built what is claimed to>>>

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Swindon breeder’s joy as dog gives birth to 20 puppies | Swindon Advertiser

GIVING birth can be a difficult time for new mothers – especially when there are 20 babies on the way. The surprised owners of bulldog Callie expected a litter of no more than eight puppies when their two-year-old pet became pregnant. But they got far more than they bargained for>>>

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‘Unicorn’ puppy who has one ear sticking out of her head after mishap at birth is social media star | Daily Mail Online


A ‘unicorn’ puppy that was born with one ear that is put near its forehead is the most recent social networks star, bring in numerous scenery on TikTok.Rae -‘ear’meant in reverse-is a golden retriever who was damaged after becoming significantly ill following being born.After being actually handled at a vet>>>

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Family left stunned after their German shepherd gives birth to a bright GREEN puppy named Hulk  | Daily Mail Online


German shepherd called Gypsy gives birth to a bright GREEN puppy – and his family name him Hulk because he was ‘angry’ when he arrived A North Carolina family was shocked after their beloved white German Shepherd gave birth to a green puppy they named Hulk.      The Stamey family>>>

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5 Types Of Food To Avoid When Pregnant

Pregnancy and nutrition

5 TYPES OF FOOD TO AVOID WHEN PREGNANT Pregnancy news is usually good news to any couple. It means blessings and more company. It gives a sense of responsibility and completeness. Not so good to the mother though. The habit of eating for two is a no, no, no.  For>>>

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From Moment of Birth customs shape experiences & behaviour

Young mother giving birth to a baby

From the Moment of Birth The renowned anthropologist Ruth Fulton Benedict once famously observed that, “From Moment of Birth customs shape experiences & behaviour. By the time he can talk, he is the little creature of his culture.” Dr. Benedict wrote those words back in 1931. She was actually observing a>>>

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