BIRDS OF PREY | Birds Eye View Featurette


Watch Full HORROR MOVIES for Free 👉🏼 Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn "Birds Eye View" Featurette Directed by Christina Hodson and starring Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Ella Jay Basco… After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn>>>

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15 Most Beautiful Birds on Planet Earth


Birds are a spectacular animal, both fascinating and often beautiful, they add color and song to our skies, backyards, parks and reserves right throughout the globe. But there are some that simply have the edge above others. From the stunning pea fowl with the metallic blue head, to one of>>>

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These Birds Have ALL The Jokes | Walk On The Wild Side | Funny Talking Animals | BBC Earth


The joke-telling birds and three’s a crowd with this cheetah couple Subscribe: #WalkOnTheWildSide #Nature #Comedy Watch more: Planet Earth Blue Planet Planet Earth II Planet Dinosaur Taken from Walk On The Wild Side Series 1 | Episode 6 Meet the Not-Very-Scary-Sharks, the Scratching Badgers, the>>>

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1-Day-Old Sparrow Makes His Rescuer Fill Her House With Baby Birds | The Dodo Heroes


Baby bird’s favorite place to hide is in Mom’s hair ❤️️ Keep up with Frank and Laurel on Instagram: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?: Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: Howl with us on TikTok: Take a peek at>>>

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The Penguins From The Bronx Zoo Are Just Too Cute! | The Zoo


Penguins are one of the cutest birds you find in the zoo, so we compiled some of the cutest moments with these little creatures. Stream Full Episodes of The Zoo: Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join us on Facebook: Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: Tweets by AnimalPlanet Follow>>>

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Winged Dinosaurs Didn’t Use Their Wings Only to Fly 😲 When Whales Walked | Smithsonian Channel


It’s widely accepted that dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. What’s less well known is that early feathered dinosaurs didn’t use their primitive wings to fly – they often used them to kill. #WhenWhalesWalked #SmithsonianChannel From the Show: When Whales Walked Subscribe to The Smithsonian Channel: Twitter:>>>

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Amazing Bird Rescues And Releases | North Woods Law | Compilation


Watch some of the bird rescues from North Woods Law, as well as the birds being released back into the wild. Stream Full Episodes of North Woods Law: Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join us on Facebook: Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: Tweets by AnimalPlanet Follow Animal Planet>>>

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The funniest wild animal encounters caught on camera!


As an animal filmmaker, one often deals with lots of strange old birds. No wonder, that so much can go wrong. After a long day of filming, a surprise awaits at the camp: Wolves have been looking for chocolate biscuits! Yet these are not the only things that can happen>>>

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Antonio Builds A Flying Space For 23 Rescued Birds | Animal Cribs


This couple has 23 birds in their home. They need Antonio’s help to improve their living conditions and make them happy. Stream Full Episodes of Animal Cribs: Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join us on Facebook: Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: Tweets by AnimalPlanet Follow Animal Planet on>>>

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15 Most Amazing Nests In The Animal World!


If you’ve ever found a bird’s nest, you will have discovered that they are a truly intricate piece of work, created with the finest detail and comfort in mind. And what’s more, they’ve been fashioned by an animal that has no hands, constructed purely with their beak and feet alone.>>>

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