15 Extreme Industrial Machines Ever Made


When it comes to industrial machines, big is often better. I mean, it makes perfect sense, considering some of the work these huge machines are expected to carry out on a daily basis. There wouldn’t be much point having a flimsy bulldozer when you’re trying to shift acres of dirt,>>>

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Isuzu D-MAX LS-U v Mazda BT-50 XTR Comparison Test | carsales


They’re twins under the skin – but which new dual-cab offering here is the better choice? The new Isuzu D-Max and Mazda BT-50 have landed in Australian showrooms. To the casual observer, these utes have a passing resemblance, but the truth is they are identical under the skin, and are>>>

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Top 10 Worst Decisions In Sports


Sometimes, it is better to think twice. For this list, we’ll be looking at how some poor decisions have cost sports teams and players. Our countdown includes Gretzky Is Benched, Zidane’s Headbutt, Sam Bowie Over Michael Jordan, and more! What do YOU think is the worst decision in sports history?>>>

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The Best C63 S Mods! Louder Exhaust and Facelift Looks!


Making the Best #AMG ever better! Here are some simple but super effective upgrades to do on your prefacelift C63 S and facelift too! A year ago I bought and restored my Edition 1 to it’s stock finish, and today it’s time to upgrade it in a few significant ways.>>>

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Top 10 Funniest Chris Rock SNL Sketches

SNL couldn’t have picked a better host to kick off its new season. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most memorable single or recurring “SNL” skits, as well as monologues, that showcase this legend’s talents. Our countdown includes sketches such as I’m Chillin’, Dance Vlog, The Arguing Couple>>>

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In the ‘Room Next Door’: ‘I’ve no sympathy for people in power’


Comedian and writer Michael Spicer, better known as the political adviser in the ‘Room Next Door’ says he has no sympathy for the people in power. From Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to Donald Trump and Joe Biden, no politician has been safe from Michael’s satire – and it’s no>>>

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Porsche Panamera 2021 Turbo S Review | carsales


Can Zuffenhausen’s limousine really bring more performance, better dynamics and improved comfort all at once? Fast Forward 00:00 INTRO 01:14 Engine Specs 02:08 Chassis Updates 03:42 Driving Impressions 05:20 Interior Updates 06:29 Verdict The second-generation Porsche Panamera has come in for a major midlife makeover and it’s claimed to improve>>>

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71-Year-Old Man Walks Thousands Of Miles To Promote Peace


Most of us want to make the world a better place. Not all of have actually done something about it—but a grandfather named Al Forte has, many times over. Al considers it his mission to spread the message of "praying for peace." What began as an idea, of wanting people>>>

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