Chris Harris Drives RWD Porsche Taycan: World’s Longest EV Drift Record Attempt | Top Gear


Did we just say ‘rear-wheel-drive Taycan’? You’re damn right we did. Because here we find Chris Harris attempting to set a world record for the longest drift in an electric vehicle, and Porsche have lent Harris a Taycan devoid of its front drive shafts especially for the challenge. But can>>>

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Anthony Ray Hinton Spent 30 Years On Death Row For A Crime He Didn’t Commit | Goalcast


Anthony Ray Hinton was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he did not do, but merely because of the color of his skin. He spent 30 years in prison until, with the help of Bryan Stevenson, was able to get released. Finally free and back in the world,>>>

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Dawn French Says Going To Seven Different Schools Sharpened Her Comedy Skills


Dawn French is always guaranteed to make you laugh but her new book Because Of You, which she says ‘dared her to write it’, might even make you cry. She stopped ‘titting about’ for a few minutes to chat with Waleed about identity, adoption and a very pastie controversy. Subscribe:>>>

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15 Preys Who Can Defend Themselves From Predators


Just because you are little, it doesn’t mean you lack courage, in fact you may even have more! Take, for example, the many brave animals out there who must stand up for themselves against others more than twice their size. It’s a tough world out there, and if you can’t>>>

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Top 20 Anime Opening Songs


For more great videos, subscribe to MsMojo: Crank up the volume because these anime songs are bangers! Join Ashley as he counts down the anime intros with the best tracks, as seen in such series as "Code Geass", "Naruto", "Bleach", "One Piece", "Cowboy Bebop", "JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure", "Tokyo Ghoul",>>>

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15 Animal Predators Surprised by Their Prey


Just because you are bigger doesn’t necessarily mean you are stronger, or for that matter, smarter. In the animal kingdom many predators have been outsmarted by their prey. There have even been several books written about this sort of thing, take for example, the tale of ‘the three little pigs’!>>>

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Cancelled for months thanks to COVID-19, the Bunnings sausage sizzle is back | 7NEWS


It’s the weekend staple cancelled because of COVID-19. With sausage sizzles returning to NSW from this weekend, Victoria becomes the only state where the BBQ’s are cold. Subscribe » Connect with 7NEWS online Visit » Facebook » Twitter » Instagram » 7NEWS combines the trusted>>>

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