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8 Weird Laws That Are Still in Operation Around the World

8  Weird Laws That Are Still in Operation Around the World     Laws are enforced with one purpose in sight: to lend more order into the way things are done. For this purpose, countries across the world have their own law making and enforcing bodies which make sure that the rules are dutifully followed. And we all know what happens when you do not follow the law. While law making and enforcing is a pretty serious>>>

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Sam’s Inspiring Story

Sam’s Inspiring Story     The long-term success of these initiatives is assisted through the development of strong partnerships with businesses, organizations and associations/clubs both to fund-raise and to provide targeted support and volunteering when necessary. It’s exciting work,but ultimately the real joy and fulfillment for Kate and me is knowing we are improving the lives of these less fortunate children and providing world-class education in innovative and creative environments. This is Sam’s Inspiring Story.>>>

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