FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce Ghost Review. 5.5 metres of sublime luxury | Top Gear


This is the all-new ‘baby’ Rolls-Royce – the Ghost. And with this new car, Rolls has gone in search of what it calls ‘post opulence’. That’s a more restrained aesthetic to you and I. Or put simply, anti-bling. But crucially, it’s £250k of all-new engineering magnificence. So, pour yourself a>>>

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Guys Stick By Baby Elephants 24/7 For Years | The Dodo Heroes


These guys sleep next to baby elephants for years to get them ready to go back to the wild 🐘💙 The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust works to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned infant elephants in Kenya; you can support their ongoing work here: You can learn more about each orphaned elephant>>>

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Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Meets His New Family For The First Time | The Dodo Wild Hearts


Baby kangaroo rescued from bushfires loses all his anxiety when he meets his new family 💗 For updates on GG and other kangaroo rescues, check out Kangala Kangaroo & Wildlife Rescue on Instagram: You can support their rescue work here: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe:>>>

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Fawn Comes To Lady’s Door Every Morning | The Dodo Little But Fierce


Baby deer visits his human mom every day — and grows the cutest little antlers! ❤️ Keep up with Copper on Instagram: and on TikTok: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?: Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: Howl with us>>>

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Eating an ostrich egg!!


➜ EATING a BABY ostrich!! This is what it tasted like.. ➜ SUBSCRIBE: New video EVERY WEEK! ➜ Hi, I’m Kluna and together with my venus flytrap we eat funny/absurd meals like: mermaids, soap, cement and much more! ➜ WARNING: Eating is NOT real, DON’T try this at home!>>>

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101 Facts About Anything & Everything III: Return of the Fact


That’s right, ANOTHER sequel baby. Ordinarily, we round out the year with facts all about the past 12 months, but given how absolutely awful 2020 has been, let’s look at something else. ANYTHING else. So here is another one of our random fact collections – we’ve got Impractical Jokers, Star>>>

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Stingray Stunner (Full Episode) | Secrets of the Zoo


The ZooTampa family is growing as Ceduna the Female Koala has a baby inside her pouch! Meanwhile, Bruce, a beloved Aldabra Tortoise, falls ill and gets breakfast in bed. Stuart, a pale stingray, soaks up some Florida sun in order to get back his color and his groove! ➡ Subscribe:>>>

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Baby Horse Moves Into Rescuer’s Kitchen And Becomes Tiny Bucking Bronco | The Dodo Little But Fierce


Baby horse rejected by her mom at birth makes the most amazing recovery. Keep up with Addie’s adventures on Instagram: To help We Say Neigh rescue more horses, visit: You can also follow them on Instagram: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?:>>>

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Penguins Huddle To Keep Their Eggs Warm | Natural World: Penguins Of The Antarctic | BBC Earth


Baby Penguin chicks wait in the ever freezing temperatures for their parents to bring back food, meanwhile on the other side of the island, Albatross chicks are doing the same. Subscribe: Penguin Chicks Wait For Their Dinner | Natural World: Penguins Of The Antarctic | BBC Earth Watch more:>>>

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9 Upsettingly Cute Baby Animals 🐣 Smithsonian Channel


Hope you have some tissues nearby, because these baby animals — including elephants, hedgehogs, and ducklings — are so cute, they might just bring a tear to your eye. 0:00 – Intro to 9 Upsettingly Cute Baby Animals 00:17 – Lion Cub Cousins Meet 1:59 – Baby Orangutans Crack Coconuts>>>

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