How to Free Yourself from Resentment and Forgive Others

How to Free Yourself from Resentment and Forgive Others Being betrayed, lied to, and cheated disturbs the peace of our mind and makes us question our own self-worth. The emotional response of anger and hurting back is only natural. As time passes by, these emotions, if not dealt properly, take the shape of resentment. It could be a grudge that you hold on to, for too long, for the bad things that have happened. Or a bitterness which can only be released through the act of forgiveness. But is it really easy to forgive? To look into the eye of the person who has caused all the hurt and unhappiness to you, and utter the three words “I forgive you”? The person who you might have loved once? How can you let go of the memory of that betrayal? As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive as forgiveness>>>

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Tips to Walk Away from a Fight

Tips to Walk Away from a Fight The world today is much different from the world of yesterday. It is plagued with violence with people bullying others mercilessly, killing them if they provoke them. However, the location for violent outbursts is not just the school or the house, as it can happen almost anywhere. The key for individuals suffering the taunts of a person prone to violence is to remain his/her calm. They need to keep the individual from lashing out at them violently is by doing the following things to walk away from it: Trick #1:  Do Not Care If someone approaches you to start up a fight, let him/her shout at you. They want to aggravate you so you will raise your hand or your voice, giving them a chance to strike you violently. If a person with a destructive personality comes up to you, you need to>>>

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4 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Child’s Intelligence

4 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Child’s Intelligence How to stimulate your children’s intelligence. The joy of every parent is to have children that are reckoned to be doing well in their studies at school. It is their pride. How many people apart from parents want to associate with the never do well or people performing below their expectation? In a nutshell, intelligence is celebrated all over. It is a universal thing and we have come to realize its many benefits. The good news is no matter how redundant your child is at present, you can help him/her wake up to reality and boost his/her intelligence. As a parent, you have a lot to do to encourage the child while you also challenge him/her to sit up and be positive about life. Most times, our children take after us even in terms of intelligence. If you are intelligent, then your child>>>

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5 Ways You Could Be Murdering Your Creativity

5 WAYS YOU COULD BE MURDERING YOUR CREATIVITY Our brain has got the ability to think far and wide. Studies shows that we are born with excellent intelligence and that urge to experiment, explore and discover. However, as we grow up, this urge dwindles with time due to external factors that affect us. The environment we grow in contributes a lot. Taking huge percentage are the people that guard, educate or mentor us. When we have grown up though, the power to cultivate or grow our creativity depends on us. And we are supposed to let go the past that we didn’t have control over. Here are some of the things that we do/experience that can mercilessly kill our creativity. Limits/ competition Win-lose situation of any kind suppresses creativity. Why? Because it presents itself as there is only one that can win and all others are losers. That only one>>>

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11 Lessons The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Happiness

11 Lessons The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Happiness The Simpsons, the longest running sitcom on television, has twenty-six seasons under its belt. Each year, new generations of children become fans of the popular cartoon show. Homer’s rants, Bart’s antics, Lisa’s goody-two-shoes behavior, Marge’s sensibility, and Maggie’s cuteness make people laugh. Hidden behind the wise cracking jokes and the sassy remarks is a lesson. Here are the eleven lessons the Simpson family is trying to tell us: 1.     Your Family is Your Family, No Matter How Weird They Are In almost every episode, Homer is seen wringing Bart’s neck or Bart and Lisa are seen fighting with each other. The biggest embarrassment of the family is Homer Simpson who spends more time on drinking than work. Even with Homer’s embarrassing nature, his family, even Bart loves him. In short, they accept each other as they are because they are family.>>>

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