Joe Biden’s Painful Path To Presidency | The Project


President-elect Joe Biden has known his share of grief and adversity, but rather than derail his political career, tragedy has fuelled his ambitions. So who is Joe Biden, and what kind of president will he be? Subscribe: Welcome to the YouTube home of The Project, we think you’re going>>>

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GoPro: Creator Summit 2020


Get inspired by the 2020 #GoProCreatorSummit 🌎 Life is different this year—but adversity invites us to reconnect with what matters most. Separated by 24 countries, 60 GoPro Athletes GoPro Family members were challenged to dream up and take their own fulfilling adventures. For four days, the group dropped everything to>>>

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15 Quotes About Overcoming Adversity Never to Forget »


Everyone experiences adversity in life. You can’t let this stop you from reaching your goals, however, so you have to persevere. It’s essential to overcome these struggles and keep working toward what you want. The tremendous success will come after you overcome unexpected challenges, so it’s essential to work through it. It may help to […]

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Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online?

Businessman watch with binoculars

Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online? The digital world has advanced so much that now it is possible to spy on your competitors online. Are you shocked? Well, that’s true. Businesses can take advantage of this huge opportunity of getting hold of their competitors’>>>

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The Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Sometimes You WIN Sometimes You LEARN

The Benefits Of Positive Thinking While many of us know or have heard about the impact of positive thinking, very few of us actually apply the concept into our daily lives. Positive thinking does not necessarily mean that we simply ignore all the negativities that are happening around us. It>>>

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5 Powers Worth Possessing

Esoteric illustration of eye on a colored background

5 POWERS WORTH POSSESSING We are only passersby in this world otherwise how would you explain the logic in being born at a date not of your choice, with no aim but just live until you find one, then die at a date not of your choice. Just like that.>>>

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