Kidnapping Survivor Shares how She Overcame Her Tragic Past | Cheryl Hunter | Goalcast


What started as a fun European adventure for 18-year-old Cheryl Hunter, became a nightmare when she was abducted in France and held captive for days… before the unthinkable happened. This life-changing trauma forced her to refocus her life and discover freedom through the concept of Wabi-Sabi. This is her story.>>>

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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey | Everything is Possible | Official Trailer | Netflix

A musical adventure and a visual spectacle for the ages, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a wholly fresh and spirited family holiday event. Set in the gloriously vibrant town of Cobbleton, the film follows legendary toymaker Jeronicus Jangle (Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker) whose fanciful inventions burst with whimsy>>>

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Soweto: An Unconventional Slum | Brent Owens: Extreme, Authentic & Unwrapped | TRACKS


Brent cautiously starts off his adventure in South Africa in the infamous Soweto slums, but he quickly lets his guards down when the locals show him Soweto is not your typically crime filled shanty town. MasterChef Australia winner Brent Owens embarks on a trip to South Africa to discover its>>>

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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous | Official Teaser | Netflix


Welcome to the world’s most incredible adventure camp: Camp Cretaceous! Join the adventure as our campers get up close and personal with dinosaurs in the all new series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, coming to Netflix September 18th. SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with>>>

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Chowing Down On Jellied Eels and Fried Tarantulas


Eating can be a real adventure and a way to connect with people when you’re willing to try new things. Which is why we’re heading to four countries to sample four unique dishes. In Japan, we’re eating cycad—a plant that can be deadly. In England, we’re chewing on jellied eels.>>>

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BTS – Your Eyes Tell (Adventure Club x Soar Remix)


  ⚡Copyright Free Music!⚡ #bts #youreyestell #remix Lyrics in English: [Verse 1: Jungkook, V] Why are my eyes filled with tears? Hey, stay by my side and laugh [Pre-Chorus: Jin] A future without you is a world without colour Filled with monochrome coldness [Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin] Even the darkness we see is so>>>

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Adventure Club x Yuna – Lullabies (ATLAST REMIX)


Adventure Club x Yuna – Lullabies (ATLAST REMIX) Join the Notification Squad! Click the 🔔Bell. ✘ Prox Spotify Playlist!: ✘ Proximity Instagram: ✘✘ Discord! :) – – Proximity Merch: ATLAST remixed one of the most timeless remixes (in my opinion). Adventure Club’s remix of Lullabies holds>>>

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A Woman Approaches a Huge Gorilla and Gets This


Damien Aspinall had the adventure of a lifetime almost two decades ago when he traveled into the jungle and saved two gorillas. He grew close with these gorillas before releasing them back into a safe wildlife sanctuary to live out their days. Rescuing gorillas is quite the task, but is>>>

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Christen & Heather Try Freya’s Food! – Friday at the Fazzino’s (E2)


Mealtime for a 6 month old can be an adventure. On this second Livestream of "Friday at the Fazzino’s, Heather and Christen have prepared a "buffet" of choices for Freya to sample so they can get her reaction to each and discover what she likes. Watch as everyone gets to>>>

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The Loophole To Escape Into Isolation | The Project


Is it possible to stay at home and take an overseas adventure holiday all at the same time? We meet the group who’ve found a lockdown loophole. __________ Welcome to the YouTube home of The Project, we think you’re going to like it here. Check us out on Facebook:>>>

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