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My Journey Back to Light

My Journey Back to Light At an alcoholics anonymous meeting, Jack Davidson shared his transforming tale. The way he fought against all odds and became the motivational speaker he is today. What is his secret? According to him, it is the fact that he never loses the sight of light. He explains what this light in the story below: ‘What are you most afraid of? Is it the failure? Or maybe it is death? Do>>>

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Are you a shopaholic? Here are the signs

Are you a shopaholic? Here are the signs Shopping is a necessity for many to ensure that they have the necessary goods to carry on with their lives, but for some – It is a lifestyle statement. The ultimate shopaholics are addicted to shopping and like any other addiction – it takes up a huge part of their daily lives. You know you are truly a shopaholic when your favorite past time is shopping.  Are>>>

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5 Ways to Curb Your Shopaholic Tendencies

5 Ways to Curb Your Shopaholic Tendencies Everyone loves to shop. In fact, it serves as a great stress reliever in today’s world. But, being a compulsive shopper is altogether another thing. A shopaholic is addicted to shopping. They are either shopping during a particular time, or thinking about buying new stuff when they are far from the shops. Most shopaholics also buy stuff they don’t really need or require, which can be usually very>>>

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7 Ways To Beat Your Addiction

7 WAYS TO BEAT YOUR ADDICTION Addiction is the slavery of a certain habit such that when one try’s to cease from it, trauma results. It can be a practice that endangers your life yet you cannot stop because you are used to it. Most addictions are caused by caffeine, drugs or habits like pornography. Since addiction can never benefit you in anyway, it is good to stop it, after all, addiction have more disadvantages>>>

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