Top 10 Courtroom Freakouts (One Guy Poisons Himself!)


Not everyone acts professional in court. In today’s video, we show you the top 10 courtroom freakouts. These freakouts all occurred in instances of people being slapped with long, harsh sentences. When these people are sentenced to life in prison, you won’t believe what they do in the courtroom! Subscribe>>>

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Top 20 Most Toxic Video Game Communities Ever


We know not EVERYONE in these gaming communities acts terribly, but the issues have become so rampant that they’ve found themselves here. For this list, we’re looking at several communities that have been infected by the most venomous of players. Our countdown includes “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” (2020), “Team Fortress>>>

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Mexico’s Femicide: Women Living in Fear | At the Gates of Hell | TRACKS


Femicide is the act of violent murder of women because of their sex. These acts are often perpetrated by males and have a sexual nature. Approximately 10 women are killed in Mexico every day – this issue proves to be prevalent in a highly chauvinistic community that fails to seek>>>

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Recycled Blooms Brighten Thousands Of Lives


In July 2007, Random Acts of Flowers’ founder, Larsen Jay, was in a near-fatal accident. While recovering in the hospital, he received love, support and… flowers! They raised his spirits and added a positive boost to his recovery. After a week in his hospital bed, Larsen started getting antsy. When>>>

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